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The whole logo combines initials Y and E of the Yaer brand and builds an image of joining hands, indicating Yaer’s operation philosophy of gathering people, integrating resources, sharing success and seeking win-win, and displaying Yaer’s core value system with a strong sense of responsibility as a corporate citizen. It transfers Yaer’s positioning of serving door and window hardware supply chain and denotes a service platform featuring super large-scale business combination and high integration. The open design makes the logo very expressive and vigorous and enables it to expand to the surroundings without limitation, denoting Yaer’s prospect of being spread all overChinaand achieving international coverage.

The application of the main color of green shows Yaer’s limitless youth and vigor, as well as a positive development status of our enterprise, and displays that Yaer will make continuous contributions to building a low carbon society and benefiting future generations by bearing the responsibility of protecting the ecological environment.